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Plastic or Metal Framed Nike Sunglasses, What's Your Pick?

Be it style or functionality, Nike Sunglasses are just the right choice of designer sunglasses. However, before you pick a Nike eyewear, think for a moment, for what purpose you are going to use it. Nike eyewear has both plastic and metal frames to cater to the needs of its fans.

Plastic or metal frames - which should one go for? If this is your question, just read on to find out.

Plastic frame Nike Sunglasses are a great choice for the fashion conscious. With a range of color options to choose from, a pair of Nike Sunglasses with frames would definitely be an add-on to your style quotient. These frames are durable, impact resistant, and a perfect choice for sports persons.

However,these frames have their own drawbacks when compared to their metal counterparts. Plastic frames are usually thick and less adjustable. So when you buy designer sunglasses with plastic frames, you should be cautious about the fit it offers you, as the fit you feel initially is what you will get to enjoy throughout the time you wear the pair of glasses. Another problem with these frames is that the shape could change due to heat, especially when you leave them inside a car for long hours during summer

On the other hand, designer sunglasses with metal frames are sleek, strong, and will stay in shape. Most designer sunglasses with metal frames have thin rims and offer a classy look. Adjustable nose pads and slim temples are a plus for these frames as they'll give the right fit you wish for. Damage to metal frames can be repaired through soldering. The metal frames in these designer sunglasses come in a variety of colors to accentuate your looks.

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